Looking for the best dining experiences in Melbourne? Tuck into a mouth-watering meal at one of these acclaimed restaurants.




Dining at Attica affords guests an experience they won’t find anywhere else in Melbourne. the restaurant – considered one of the top 50 in the world – is renowned for its unique tasting menu, which is designed by New Zealand chef Ben Sherry and features rare ingredients like bunya nuts, caviar, maroon, and yam daisy. You’ll need to book well in advance to secure a coveted spot on this restaurant’s reservation list, though; the current wait time is three months, according to the restaurant’s website.




Hidden along the graffiti-plastered Duckboard Place, Tonka combines modern Indian cuisine with award-winning architecture and breathtaking south-facing views of the city. Guests are invited to start with a cocktail in the informal Thali Bar located at the entrance of the restaurant before proceeding to a bright, open dining area, where they can sink their teeth into Tandoori specialities like chicken biryani, lamb curry, and palak paneer. Tonka has received the Age Good Food Guide’s “Hat Award” each year since its inception in 2013.


The Press Club


Located on Market Street and featuring only 10 dining booths, The Press Club offers an intimate, yet relaxed, dining experience. Guests here can enjoy a five-, six-, or eight-course tasting menu (called Kerasma) inspired by classic Philotimo and Hellenic cuisine. The menu, which incorporates Australian ingredients into its dishes, changes seasonally based on the availability of regional produce.


Flower Drum


This upscale Chinese restaurant is the place to go if you want to sample authentic Cantonese cuisine in a refined

The Flower Drum

atmosphere. Renowned for its impeccable service, Flower Drum serves up such delights as aromatic baked crab shell, braised lamb claypot, and Peking duck. The restaurant also has an unpublished chef’s menu that changes regularly depending on the availability of local produce.

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